Blog Contribution Guidelines

The Scholarly Communications Working Group welcomes guest contributions to the SCWG blog.

Blog Post Guidelines

  • Length: Posts should be brief and engaging (no more than 500 words).
  • Content: Content should be relevant to COPPUL members and address topics related to scholarly communications. This might include information about:
    • Best practices and lessons learned working in the field of schol comm.
    • New initiatives launched by COPPUL members or others.
    • Perspectives and findings shared in recent articles and reports.
    • Opportunities, including calls for conference presentations and papers.
    • Upcoming events including webinars, conferences, and workshops.
  • Content exceptions: The SCWG will not accept content that is intended for commercial purposes, or that is discriminatory, defamatory, or oppressive. SCWG members reserve the right to decline posting any content deemed unsuitable for the blog at the discretion of the group. Content will be withdrawn immediately in the case of copyright or privacy violation, plagiarism, or other legal requirements.
  • Visuals: Content should include at least one image along with image source information (as applicable). is a great source for public domain photos. Screenshots and embedded videos are also welcome. 
  • Copyright: Content on the SCWG website is made available under a CC BY-NC license. Unless otherwise noted, others are permitted to use, modify, and share content on the site for non-commercial purposes with attribution to the creator or copyright holder of the work.

How to Submit a Blog Post

Send content, including any visuals, to the SCWG Chair.

Make sure to include your name, institution or organization, and professional title, and indicate when you would like your post to appear on the site. Please allow 1-2 weeks for us to get your content posted.